Gubbi Gubbi Language

​Prior to European arrival there were over 260 Aboriginal languages. The Gubbi Gubbi language continues to exist and Dr Eve Fesl OAM, CM is a remaining Gubbi Gubbi language speaker has embarked on an interesting and innovative language projects. The aim of this project is to present and teach a brief introduction to the Gubbi Gubbi language; its complexities and its use in the culture of the Gubbi Gubbi people. Gubbi Gubbi country is located in South East Queensland (Sunshine Coast region), Australia.

Gubbi Gubbi is an ergative language with grammatical structures similar to Hungarian, Finnish and Basque, known as “language isolates” in Europe, which is dominated by Nominative Accusative grammatically structured languages.

Speakers of English who intend to teach or learn Australian Indigenous languages (in this case, Gubbi Gubbi) will find the text produced here, a useful beginning in coming to terms with Australian Aboriginal languages and their grammatical complexity and cultural use.

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While Dyungungoo represents the land this website is focused to providing information on Gubbi Gubbi cultural heritage. Below are other web sites or products that are believed to offer good information for discussion and examination. 
For an excellent book that reveals some authenticated heritage and culture, edited by Dr Eve Fesl OAM, CM please go to Gubbi Gubbi and enjoy.
Excellent Gubbi Gubbi Culture& Heritage Book
Noosa Museum, Pomona. Gubbi Gubbi Keeping Place
The Noosa Museum in Pomona is the official Keeping Place for Gubbi Gubbi Cultural Heritage Artefacts. It contains exhibitions covering the environment, food gathering and hunting as well as biography of James Crowe who toured England with the Indigenous Cricket team in 1868, the first of many Australian teams visits.

In 2010, based on its understanding of Indigenous Breastplates and its activities to attract visitors and support awareness of the Gubbi Gubbi people it was named Queensland's Regional Museum of the Year by the ABC. Noosa Museum also distinguished itself with third place nationally.
The Noosa Museum is housed in the original Noosa Council Chambers.

Phone: 07 5485 1080

29 Factory Road